Lighthouse: Roadblocks and reflection

A couple months back, Cynthia and Flavio were very frustrated.  As a matter of fact, they were about ready to give up.  A key element of their “Papapa Party Shirt” (a shirt that will blink to the beat of the music) was a light organ kit, but it was incredibly glitchy and the only documentation […]

Pilot Profile: Piner High School Makers

Dante DePaola is a biology teacher at Piner High School in Santa Rosa, California, and part of our initial group of Makerspace schools. He also happens to run a successful motorcycle business on the side. His interest in making – especially with regards to the rich, relevant experiences it provides for his students – is […]

WikiSeat: Standing Up for Education

The WikiSeat website About a month ago, I took the time to chat with WikiSeat co-founder Nicolas Weidinger, as a follow-up to his own post about his work in Oct 2012. His tiny organization designs and manufactures three-pronged modules called “catalysts” that facilitate the easy and innovation creation of chairs. What started as a college […]

Excelsior Science Workshop

Yesterday, I shared my impressions of our visit to the Excelsior Science Workshop, which is associated with Mission Science Workshop and Community Science Workshop. Read about it here: MAKE | Turnin’ Vermin into Learnin’ Sol McKinney, Dan Sudran, Emilyn Green, and their colleagues inspire me with what they’re doing in sites in some of the most […]

Montgomery: Work on the Makerspace Begins

It was time to begin building! All the furniture had been rearranged, and a pile of lumber sat in the corner. The class was itching to grab tools and start making big decisions. The first order of business was to turn the back of the classroom into a wall of whiteboards for project ideation and […]

Montgomery: Learning on Field Trips to the Hardware Store

Editor’s note: Not all teaching about making needs to happen in the classroom. Nor should it! Today’s post shows how something as seemingly mundane as trips to the local hardware store provide an important learning opportunity for a class of budding makers. Hardware store employees are teachers-at-large in our communities. Makers at heart, the best […]

Student Story: Duncan Lees

Editor’s Note: Today’s post comes from Duncan Lees, a member of the class of 2012 at Venture Academy, one of several schools that use the Makerspace at the DaVinci Center of the San Joaquin County Office of Education in Stockton, CA. Dale Dougherty read Duncan’s piece at a convening we held at Lighthouse Community Charter […]

Pilot Profile: Independence High School in San Francisco

Last December, Beth Alberts spent hours collecting driftwood to prepare for a lab class. In some ways, driftwood fits right in at Beth’s school, Independence High School, a public high school about 6 blocks from the glistening ocean in San Francisco’s Outer Sunset neighborhood. In this lab, Beth challenged her students to use their knowledge […]