WikiSeat: Standing Up for Education

The WikiSeat website About a month ago, I took the time to chat with WikiSeat co-founder Nicolas Weidinger, as a follow-up to his own post about his work in Oct 2012. His tiny organization designs and manufactures three-pronged modules called “catalysts” that facilitate the easy and innovation creation of chairs. What started as a college […]

The Real Work Behind Invisible Progress

Editor’s note: Aaron Vanderwerff, high school science, robotics, and makerspace teacher extraordinaire, writes about his students’ independent projects (and their visible or invisible progress) during these months leading up to Maker Faire. At Lighthouse Community Charter School in Oakland, we’ve been treading water for about two months now. Walking into our class on Monday, you […]

Excelsior Science Workshop

Yesterday, I shared my impressions of our visit to the Excelsior Science Workshop, which is associated with Mission Science Workshop and Community Science Workshop. Read about it here: MAKE | Turnin’ Vermin into Learnin’ Sol McKinney, Dan Sudran, Emilyn Green, and their colleagues inspire me with what they’re doing in sites in some of the most […]